I became T1-4 incomplete in 2005 when I fell from a ladder, whilst pruning some trees in my back garden.

I was first treated at Colchester General Hospital. After three visits to the hospital, I was transferred to Stanmore SCIC, where I had a full thoracic spinal operation. After the operation I stayed in the centre for seven weeks to receive the right rehabilitation.

My wife was obviously scared and frightened during this time. I was always very active and we both wondered how I would cope with my injuries, but I remained strong and kept fighting.

All the staff at Stanmore were outstanding, in my opinion. And thank God for SIA! They have listened with great intent and made me realise that I am not alone! I cannot ever speak more highly of this wonderful charity!

Although I have not been able to return to my job as a Royal Mail Driver I still aim to enjoy life to the full. Two years after my operation I got an Assistance Dog called Guy, and he has made a massive difference to my life, bringing me back into the light.