Meet the Team

Dan Burden,
Head of Public Affairs and Policy

Dan became spinal cord injured at T6 after an accident in Egypt.  He returned to work two years later, as an Access & Partnerships Officer in local government.   Dan now manages the SIA’s Public Affairs Team, which is responsible for all the charity’s campaigning work (eg Specialist SCI Health Services and NHS Continuing Healthcare).

Dave Bracher,
Campaigns Manager
Dave became spinal cord injured at T10 in 2008, due to Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis.

Dave’s main responsibility is for SIA’s campaign on NHS Continuing Healthcare, and ensuring the delivery of a high-quality, evidence-based, impactful and ultimately successful campaign to protect the rights of SIA’s members.

Brian O’Shea,
Continuing Healthcare Advisor

Brian has a forensic understanding of NHS Continuing Healthcare and works closely with the Dept. of Health & Social Care, NHS England and others to improve the delivery of this significant area of NHS responsibility.

Brian’s experience of acquiring and living with SCI informs his understanding of cultural and identity politics and the way society is ordered and structured.

Tim Nicholson,
Public Affairs Officer
Following a successful career in HM Revenue & Customs, Tim joined the SIA in 2017.

Tim provides general assistance to the team.  Much of his time is devoted to research and information gathering/analysis.  He also undertakes ‘horizon scanning’ of Parliamentary activity and writes articles for Forward, Eclips, social media, etc.

Contact Us

To contact the Public Affairs Team, just email [email protected]

Thanks to the Stewarts Foundation for their support of our campaigns service.