NHS Care Cuts Campaign


For several years, both national and local austerity measures have seriously affected the ongoing care and support services that many spinal cord injured individuals (SCI) need to lead independent lives.    SCI people report reductions in the care and support they receive, with vital night cover frequently stopped or reduced. Arbitrary caps are being place on personal funding, which threaten to force SCI people to leave their communities and be imprisoned in nursing homes.

These cuts are resulting in potentially dangerous NHS Continuing Healthcare and Social Care packages.   This is extremely worrying, as spinal cord people should have the very best bladder, bowel, skin and respiratory management, etc.  Only with such care can they lead the fully independent lives that they deserve.


 We are campaigning hard for positive change in NHS Continuing Healthcare and Social Care provision, seeking to influence Government and other stakeholders to:

  • Stop and reverse care cuts, so that SCI people can live independently in their communities with clinically safe care packages
  • Stop financial caps to care packages, which undermine SCI people’s ability to live healthily, to fully participate as citizens, and to avoid life-threatening complications
  • Listen to SCI people’s views and aspirations during the assessment process.  Also, take full account of the views of specialist SCI professionals who properly understand individuals’ needs
  • Meet needs, not budgets basing care packages for each SCI person on a holistic, realistic and person-centred assessment of their healthcare, personal care and social care needs, not a finance-driven exercise repeatedly seeking further savings.


Latest news:

The National Audit Office report – Investigation into NHS continuing healthcare funding  is now available to download.  Read SIA’s response and a blog post by our former Chief executive Sue Browning.