57 year old Father now paralyzed.

Started by Alvinpurvis, 19th January 2018 at 7:35 pm

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    My 57 year old father was admitted to hospital recently due to confusion and shortness of breath, he suffers from COPD and regularly gets chest infections. My mother called 111 for advice and they sent an ambulance to take him to hospital, once assessed he was transferred onto a ward and fell the next day when he got up to go to the Toilet. The stable wedge fracture we had found out about the previous week had impacted into the spinal cord resulting in paraplegia from T5 downward. We nearly lost him between Christmas and new year due to Pneumonia, Sepsis, and Discitis – Throughout his stay in Critical care the consultants stated he probably won’t make it off critical care but 5 weeks post injury he is off critical care and has been on a ward to stabilize his breathing. He is being transferred to a local rehab ward but we are struggling to get the regional Spinal unit to accept him and when I look at the treatment they would give compared to the plan we have with the rehab ward hes going to the difference is unbelievable. The last 5 weeks have been hell and I have had to drag information from consultants and I have felt very frustrated by the way we have been spoken to until I have mentioned I work for the ambulance service and have a little medical knowledge.


    Oh I am so sorry to hear your experience! We are having a similar problem although dad has been a T10 for a very long time. He had a pressure sore on his heel. The ward could not accommodate his use of bowel irrigation and did not do a manual evac for days. He then got hospital acquired pneumonia and sepsis and from there on in like your father we have nearly lost him again and again! ICU were fab but the Ortho ward he is on is completely inept where SCI patients are concerned. They are meant to be a pressure prevention ward but the times we come in and his feet are rubbing or against the foot board, blocked catheters and so much inept nursing care I am terrified we wont get him home. They dont even use slide sheets to manually handle him. I am trying to get our nearest spinal rehab involved but because they are different health boards we are having no joy. Like you I do not have vast amounts of medical knowledge but having lived with Dads paraplegia for 38 years I know enough to know they areĀ  out of their depth. Where are you located?? If I can help at all or if you just need a sounding board Please contact me.Good luck to you and your family xx


    We live in Newcastle upon Tyne and my dad has been transferred to a local neuro rehab hospital where they seem to have a bit more knowledge than the general hospital who just stopped doing any physio the week before he was sent to the rehab hospital so happy to get him out of there


    So pleased your dad is getting the care he so rightly deserves.It must be a huge weight off your mind. We are still having a nightmare trying to get dad into spinal rehab – fingers crossed we get him in there soon. If you ever need to chat just message me xx

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