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Started by Lolly88, 20th January 2016 at 12:29 pm

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    A Dr has suggested that I have a baclofen pump but I’m not sure whether it’s worth it with going through the operation for it.


    Has anyone had the pump fitted? and has it made much difference?


    The consultant for my case at a specialist spinal injuries centre advised me against it.  He said it would relieve spasms and tightness but would also stop voluntary movement.  He thought the movement resulting from limited spams have some beneficial effects.  On the other hand, I have met other consultants who were more enthusiastic about a pump.

    I have not got one.  I rely on 30mg Baclofen and 1mg Clonazepam per day taken orally to keep spasms as low as possible without undesirable side-effects.

    Good luck, Barry Simpson

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