Bladder spasm, catheter bypassing and infections

Started by wishboneTii, 2nd January 2017 at 7:53 pm

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    I have been C5 quadriplegicffor 36 years, I have an indwelling catheter on free flow drainage as my bladder is now the size of the balloon holding the catheter in! I have always had trouble with UTIs and the occasional catheter bypassing but in the last 18 months the problem is getting worse. Throughout my 36 years I have taken propantheline the doctor has now prescribed solifenacin succinate (vesicare) 5 mg a day. I was wondering whether anybody has experience of alternative anti-spasm medication for the bladder. I’m very concerned as my skin marks very easily and I can’t wear pads in knickers as the elastic cuts in to me. I would be grateful for any feedback(Sorts of catheters, pads, medication, knickers et cetera)



    Hi- had mine for about 20 years-As well as getting my SP re sited due to leaking ( see other post) I have also been having my bladder botoxed (!)

    They do it as day surgeryin my spinal unit- once every 9 months- never had such a compfey bladder!


    Hi – Hubby has frequent bladder infections (he is tetraplegic C1/C2 ) on antibiotics, we were told about D-Mannose tablets – I have read reviews and they seem good, he certainly felt the difference a day after starting them, however, he still gets sediment soft not gritty and blocked catheters, has anyone used D-Mannose for a while ? does it eventually reduce sediment levels too? unable to have supra-pubic catheter so just trying to find something to make life a little more comfortable. Would love to hear from you and your experiences.



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