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    hi I need help I’m a c6 of 44 years and i am desperate my convenes no longer stay on i use aqua dry and I’ve tried the p sure and b sure all come off after about 6 hours i am now using a dry condom with tube of glue from manfred sauer this stays on until i go to bed but it has to be changed to get through the night. I have an appointment a urology on 26th april I’m thinking of asking for an indwelling catheter just to give me some restbite my bladder has lasted for 44 years with only one TUR am i now destined for supra pubic if so what are they like do they leek etc


    I have had a supra pubic catheter since may 2013.   I have not had any serious leakages that can not be dealt with by a pad.    Mine has probably contributed to urinary infections but mine have always been cleared up with Nitrofurantoin.    Catheter blockages were a problem for seven months inn 2016.  This site might be useful:

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