Cruise in wheelchair with faecal incontinence

Started by Anonymous, 11th August 2017 at 5:55 pm

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    I also am about to have a supra pubic catheter fitted.

    My wife Has to help with My Peristeen treatment as I have no feeling in my bottom. We have booked a Cabin for a wheelchair, but we’re not sure if we may discover any huge problems. Is there anybody who goes on Cruises with similar problems ?




    Hi Paul,


    We’re in a similar situation to you. I have a supra pubic catheter and use the peristene system. My husband and I have done 6 cruises now and they work brilliantly for us. We’ve been with Celebrity, P&O and Royal Carribbean and the cabins have all been great with wet rooms. The ships are easy to access. we love the food, entertainment and chance to visit different countries. It’s worth doing your homework re excursions at ports if you’re thinking of doing any as cruise ship ones are usually much more expensive. often there are free shuttle buses to the nearest cities etc which we use a lot. I’d be very happy to answer any questions you have if this helps. Give cruising a go – hopefully you’ll love it!



    Hi Jenny

    Thank you for your very encouraging reply.

    Hello Jenny We are very experienced Cruisers, and have been with all the cruise lines you mentioned before I was disabled. I have another serious problem which would restrict me a lot regarding Trips ashore – I can not walk or climb up any steps, so unless there is a ramp or lift into a bus or coach, I could not go. I have found a taxi service to take us from home to Southampton, but have not booked it yet. We don’t drive. We have booked a wheelchair Cabin on the Independence Of The Seas for next June. We have been on it many times. To Rent a Commode for the two weeks costs £150 ! So I think I will buy a cheap folding one. I just checked with an Independent Excursions Service, and they do do buses that take a chair BUT the Cheapest excursion  was over £450 for 4 hours in Majorca! I need to know, because I always forget! What to expect at each port we stop at – How far to Terminal, Is there a Shuttle Bus with a ramp for wheelchairs etc, Then we could go on yet another hop on hop off bus!

    Also, I dont think My wife would have space behind the toilet to help me!? Do I have to take or rent my own Commode ?






    Hello, I am 69 years old and  C 6-7. Up to 7 years ago I have been to many cruises with my wife and enjoyed it without any problems. However now we are too old and transferring on and off to bed and toilets is impossible. Does anyone know any cruise ship that have a hoist system to use it for both occasions? I have tried to get in touch with cruise companies to get answers. But they insist on my tel, no,/email before they answer, and after that they keep sending booklets to advertise and no mention of hoists. I would love to know if anyone used one and with which company.

    Thank you, Nimo.







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