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    Do any walkers out there take Gabapentin for pain relief? I had severe back spasms just before Christmas And all sorts of weird nerve pain shooting down my leg. I was prescribed Gabapentin and am currently taking 2 x 300mg 3 times a day, along with Codeine Phosphate as and when but not usually more than 4 a day. It has helped considerably with the spasms and nerve pain but I feel quite lifeless and having difficulty motivating myself to do anything, which is having a big impact on work and social life. I am normally a positive lively person. I am hoping this will wear off in time as it works so well with my back symptoms.


    I was on Gabapentin but I changed to Pregablin a couple of years back.  To be honest neither of the drugs stopped the nerve pain completely, they just tended to take the edge off.


    Still hoping to find something that will suppress it completely,  here’s hoping!


    Hi – just joined this forum despite having received my injury 18 months ago. I take gabapentin (1 x 600mg twice a day) but will occasionally take a tablet midday if my symptoms are bad (pain, burning sensations etc). To be honest, I am also on tramadol but have managed to cut that right back to one 50mg tablet a day (but again, a second if symptoms are bad) and from my personal experience, tramadol is much “worse” to take due to the addictive nature of the opiate medication. I find that gabapentin works for me in dulling some types of nerve pain to allow me to get on with life as pain drives my moods more than medication!i

    It really is horse for courses and everything you take will have both a positive and negative effect. Equally, the whole point of the medication is to allow you to get to a state where you can function. Much more difficult for nerve/spinal injury patients as it is nigh on impossible to completely medicate the pain away.

    Hope this helps…..


    Hello, I have just seen the post above re the Gabapentin. Not sure if you are still checking responses or not. I have been an SCI walker since Jan 1999 and very soon after the back op which left me with Brown Sequard Syndrome (initially paralysed down my right side, but some recovery after rehab) I started to suffer from really severe neuropathic burning pins & needles. I was put on Tegretol (Carbamezapine) 100mg around x 6 per day, but due to the horrible side effects I reduced it to x 4 or 5 per day. It wasn’t very effective, so another pain control consultant added Imiprimine 10 mg x 3 per day, and this has worked for me. As other people have said above, nothing ever takes the pain away, but it has certainly been reduced to a bearable level – and if I swim regularly, this also helps enormously. The side effects are now minimal, but I have found the Tegretol still affects my mental recognition of the passage of time – i.e. if someone asks me if I had a good weekend, I sometimes have a moment or two when I have no idea of when the weekend was. At one point Gabapentin was suggested to me but I read of so many people having side effects that I decided not to try it. I hope in the meantime you have found something that works. Living with pain is so draining & gets in the way of you being able to function properly.

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