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Started by Jennifersmum, 9th August 2016 at 2:05 am

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    Hi, my daughter is C5/6 incomplete tetra/quad and leaving home to go to uni in a few weeks time. At least we hope she is. The problem is that she is the first of her level of injury from our area to want to do this and there is a difference of opinion between what the LA are hoping to pay for and what I think she needs. The LA will provide for justifiable activity based requirements eg showering, dressing, meals etc and the uni will provide classroom assistant type support.  However the LA are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to contemplate that she will need LA support for untimetabled events from middle of the night fire evacuation, to reaching for things, to cleaning up accidents in it’s many forms, to a social life etc etc. Their remit lies in the client being safe, fed and warm, however, they will consider provision if I can prove it can’t be done any other way. For example it has been suggested she calls security if she can’t lift a file that has fallen on the floor, or asks another student to help if she needs an unscheduled bathroom break. They are looking into ways the uni would be responsible for night time evac.  I think the only way is a live in 24/7 PA who also carries out classroom activities. There is a university recommended company who provides this. I will not be able to provide emergency cover as I would need to catch a flight to attend.

    Has anyone else been in this position and if so how was it resolved?

    Many thanks in advance for replies.


    Hi, I see there have been no responses to this. I hope that things have been resolved and she has started university without any hitches.
    If not and you are still seeking advice, I am peer support officer for North London and was at university not that long ago myself (well… started nearly 10 years ago…!!)

    My level of injury is lower, but I did have to fight for support. If you would like to talk about how I could link you and/or your daughter up with someone who has been in a similar situation to her – I know of a few – then give me a call or e-mail me!! [email protected] / 07535 774 118.

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