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Started by Anonymous, 10th May 2016 at 1:06 pm

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    Hello, just wanted to post on here as I have only just been alerted to its existence!

    I came back to the UK after spinal chord injury 5 years ago, L1 incomplete, got introduced to the Walkers Group by Helen Smith

    I was not overly keen to go though my Wife was keen to speak to others with similar injuries and perhaps get more help or feedback on similar issues.

    Its been great and wanted to share this!

    Its a good fun lively group of characters! Join if you can.


    I to have just found out about this from board, so decided to check it out.

    yes Leon is so right about the walkers group at Stanmore, at first I was not very keen on going, thinking it would be one of those groups where it starts in a circle and you stand up say you name and what happened to you and everyone claps etc.

    it has been a great help to me, not that I have said a lot or got the chance, cos there are some lively characters in the group, but it is great to just be a mung other people with similar injuries as your self who do really understand.



    This is really good to see.  I’ve recently been invited to come along to the group. I’m new to SCI and would like to see/speak to others in the same boat!  Are family allowed to come along?  I’m a bit reliant on them for transport at the moment!

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