How to support a child who`s dad has just had a SCI ?

Started by Heididaisy, 29th May 2016 at 10:49 pm

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    Hi, I am new to this site and new to SCI. My partner is three weeks post accident whereby he has T6 injury.

    I am concerned about our 9yr old daughter and how she is taking things. She is quite subdued and reluctant

    to get into any type of conversation regarding her dad`s injuries, What it means for dad and us as a family.

    I don`t know if I should leave her to come round herself or if I should be keep asking her if she has any

    questions. Any advise/guidance more than welcome please.


    Hi Heidi,  I’m Tony Stephenson. I’m the SIA’s peer support officer for the southern half of Wales, Bristol and Gloucestershire. children are usually extremely resilient. She should come round in her own time, but don’t just leave it. There may be issues going on that you’re not aware of. It might be a good idea if you got in touch with the SIA Peer Support Officer in your area. Meeting with him or her, with your daughter may show her that there’s nothing to be scared of.

    If you ring Joy Sinclair on the Advice Line between 11am-4.30pm on  ‪0800 980 0501 ‬
    she’ll be able to let you know the number of the peer support officer in your area.

    Text SIA and your enquiry to 81025 (charged at your provider’s standard rate).
    Email [email protected]


    Hi Heidi

    My name is Richard Spencer my  injury is C5/6 complete ii had my injury 23 Dec 1980 37 yrs post injury.

    I had 2 children daughter 6 and son 5 yrs old.   my marriage ended, I went to court for custady and won!

    In them days there was no support, but try contact backuptrust and ask to speak with other parents for support.

    my children are grown up now and I have wonderfull grand childen. Regards Richard


    hi, when my wife was made a paraplegic some 12 years ago , our grandsons were in the same frame of mind. so I went to the shop were they make teddy bears for you ? they made one and put it in a toy wheelchair, when I gave it to them it seemed to click something in them and they came round very quickly and started to ask questions about her being in a wheelchair. give it a try.


    Hi please feel free to message me. My dad was T10 paralysed by an RTA when my sister and I were 8 and 6. Anything we can help with just let us know. I remember very clearly how I felt when I was told my dad would never walk again . Please dont worry. Your little one will adapt I promise and Dad raised us just as wonderfully as any able bodied dad could – if not better. Try not to shield her too much. My Mum was very adamant that although not involved directly in much of his care that we saw it and were not afraid. It has been invaluable over the years. We have been able to assist dad in many a difficult bathroom problem when travelling without embarrassment and always with humour. We have seen pressure sores and the symptoms of UTIs – all sorts of things and seeing this has not damaged us as far as I can tell. Dad wheeled my sister down the aisle, we have travelled abroad many times. He is 71 and still “just dad”. In the past couple of years we have been able to support dad after mum’s death and have also been right there beside him when he learned to use new bowel management systems and bladder items. I have never felt that we missed out on any parenting because of the wheelchair. If you need a sounding board email me and you can speak to myself or my sister xxx

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