Looking to make new friends in the Southwest.

Started by Anonymous, 30th August 2017 at 12:29 pm

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    Hello, I’m Elliot and I’m 23. I live in Devon and I’m currently studying oceanography and coastal processes at university. I have syringomyelia and oligodendroglioma of the spinal cord which was first diagnosed when I was 11. So far I’ve had five operations but can luckily still walk, although as a result of the ops some problems have been caused. I would describe myself has quite an active and outgoing person considering my condition. I’m just looking to make new friends in the Southwest with the same condition to me or similar conditions, as I’ve never met anyone with the same/similar conditions as me. My family and friends are great but would be nice to talk and hang out with people that have been through similar experiences in life as me.





    Hi Elliot

    I hope university life is going well for you in Plymouth.  I know the city well as I lived there for 13 years before moving to Exeter.  My role with SIA is to meet and help people affected by SCI in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. If you have time to drop me a line on [email protected]  we can arrange to meet or discuss how best to reach people in the southwest with a similar type of injury.  I see from your other message board posts that you found a Syringomyelia Support group on facebook – has that helped you to link up with people in Devon?  I think a similar social media group could be useful for people with spinal cord injury in the southwest, as a way of sharing information and supporting each other. Hope to hear from you. Graham


    Hi Elliot and Graham,

    yes I would like to meet new friends ,but I,m in the southeast,

    so if there is anyone out there ,in my area ,it would be lovely.


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