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    Hello everyone, has anyone had an operation to stop the piles bleeding? If so, is there any leakage problems afterwards? I had piles for a long time now, but recently it got worse. I have it inside and outside. I heard that there is some sort of plug to stop leakage, has anyone any idea what these are like?


    Hello Nimo, the plug I think your talking about is really to stop continence issues such as the anal plug by Peristeen http://www.coloplast.co.uk/peristeen-anal-plug-en-gb.aspx
    I have suffered with piles/haemorrhoids myself and as a spinal cord injured person the surgeon told me it is unfortunate that any interference in the rectal area coupled with prolonged sitting over a toilet may unfortunately be a problem for us SCI’s.
    You can see your GP and ask for a referral to a colorectal surgeon who may try initially banding, these are like a little elastic bands which cut off the circulation and eventually the affected area literally drop off! Sounds horrendous I know but even if I had sensation I still wouldn’t be to feel that!
    The next measure is further surgery, Stapling, also called a stapled haemorrhoidopexy, is a minimally invasive procedure to treat haemorrhoids. During the procedure a stapler-like device is used to reposition the haemorrhoids and reduce their blood supply. Without so much blood, the haemorrhoids become much smaller. This procedure moves the haemorrhoid higher in the anus, where there are fewer nerve endings, thus reducing pain, which could be causing AD, spasms, etc . It can be done as a day case however, need to be careful and rest if you plan to be returning to your wheelchair and carrying out any bowel movements.

    Hope this helps. Steve


    Hi – please email me if you need info – my father had terrible piles from years of Man.Evac. Swapped to Qufora bowel irrigation with massive success last year. Shortened time in the loo and also his piles reduced by about three quarters. x


    HI Bitterapple

    How do I email you as I am looking for some advice for my husband on this exact subject.?

    your advice would be very welcome. thankyou


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