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Started by [email protected], 7th January 2016 at 3:32 pm

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    Hi, I have, over the course of the last three years, had tightness around my waist and rib cage which is very uncomfortable and makes breathing difficult. I am C5/C6 incomplete (injured 2008) and am able to walk with a stick. There are no obvious (to me) causes for these episodes and neither my doctor nor my consultant have any idea what is causing them. It has now happened a few times (maybe ten) and last night I had the sensation three times (the second was quite mild). The first time it happened, I was seen by paramedics but the episode had passed by the time they arrived. Various tests, including ECG, were performed and nothing untoward was discovered. Last night is the first time there have been multiple “attacks”. Generally they occur when I lie down for bed and the tightness starts around my waist which makes my stomach feel uncomfortable. The tightness spreads upwards and reaches my rib cage and breathing becomes difficult and shallow. I generally feel hot and very uncomfortable and want to get fresh cold air. My wife doesn’t think I have a temperature and says I feel cold! Eventually the discomfort subsides but during the episode, I cannot get comfortable at all and I find that I am moving around trying to find a tolerable position to adopt.

    Has anybody else had anything similar or any idea what might be the cause, please? To me it feels muscular. I take Baclofen – four pills of 10mg per day. Thank you in advance for any thoughts.



    It might be worth asking your doctor or consultant about Clonazepam.  Barry Simpson

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