Pressure Relief Mattress or Topper? Survey !

Started by Andreas Kamp, 15th April 2016 at 2:29 pm

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    I’m looking for feedback from all users of Pressure Relief mattresses or topper at home, to work out what might be best.

    I was injured in ’82. C6 and started on the noisy Ripple mattresses.

    Many years ago, I found a topper, made then by Henley Medical. A Hollow Core Fibre Mattress in 10 Sausage segments that fitted in a cotton zip cover.

    I used this for home and Travel.

    Then I had them make me a Double bed topper and even got a special 6′ x 6′ one made for my sisters bed. She had no disability, just loved the comfort factor.

    I have found that 8 hours on one side gave me no marks, unless the bed sheet wasn’t properly pulled after turning. I only use thick quality Flannel (210g)

    But now y home mattress is wearing out in the middle and No one makes these toppers anymore. Thankfully my single bed travel one is in good shape.

    So looking around I see many types. Those with pumps (NO THANKS) and then foam style mattresses or Toppers.

    But I can’t find any real feedback on who uses these and how.

    So if You Use one of these……Please tell me WHICH type do you use and HOW LONG can you stay on one side before you get any sign of pressure marks.??

    Many thanks, I look forward to your insights and experiences.



    I use a memory foam topper with coolmax cover. 75kg memory foam density.

    No marks for 8 hours.

    i have bought 2 so far from these guys, (i change it every 5 years)




    Do you know anything about the 4G toppers from the same company?

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