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    Looking for some guidance as the medical fraternity seem to be at a dead end with this

    I am a L4/L5 (incomplete) walker, with a neurogenic bladder (retention) and associated bowel problems,  but of late i have been experiencing a worrying symptom for which the GP is convinced that it is not neuro related, but has not as yet offered no other alternative theory

    Basically when I’m sat be it in any chair or wheelchair, I’m getting the feeling that i need to empty my bladder, but on visiting the bathroom, there is nothing in the bladder, even if i insert a ISC.

    However,when standing up/laying down, the feeling is off a considerable difference to what it is like when sat

    “Any” thought welcomed, as with the associated pain, spasms etc, this is another thing that affects my sleep at night   but FYI – its not a UTI, as water has been tested, and i have no other UTI symptoms,


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