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Started by JoyatSIA, 27th July 2016 at 4:37 pm

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    The recent posting to the Ageing Forum refers to shoulder pain.  It would be good to hear from other people about their experiences and particularly whether exercises helped, if medication eased the pain and what surgical interventions people have undergone.  Shoulder pain can affect people as soon as 5 years post injury when some people can use a manual wheelchair for decades before experiencing shoulder pain.

    SIA has recently produced a video ‘Upper limb exercises for the shoulder’ – below is the link.  The exercises shown may not be suitable for everyone but if you wish to discuss what may be suitable for you then please get in touch.

    Click this link to find exercises

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    Hey Joy,  I’ve found myself that general gadding about in my chair for nearly 40 years has been exercise enough, and for me it’s been more about posture and learning to relax properly that has kept my shoulders generally free from pain.  Wrists and elbows on the other hand, that’s another story.


    am   T12/L1  para  – incomplete ..

    i too  have shouler pain   have to stop my  weekly physio session completely-  …  i   have since had scan , been told i damage my rota cuff   ;and its common  problem  of long term wheelie users       Has  anyone   been able to find treatment?   surgery   am not not  great option .?

    on  waiting list for  assessment for electric wheelchair !





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