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Started by Anonymous, 19th March 2015 at 8:23 pm

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    Hi everyone,

    I am wondering if anyone out there knows of any support groups in Hampshire for people like me whose husband has a SCI. I am in Hampshire but not too far from Wiltshire.

    My husband is great and independant but does get ill and down as we all do, and I try to support him through those times, however I find it hard to cope with it all sometimes myself. I have friends but it is hard for them to understand what life is like with a SCI.

    Any ideas please? I sometimes feel exhausted with it all.

    Thank you.


    Hi my name is Tricia and our son was injured at 19yr he is now 22 he is a C6 tetraplegic. Like you I have felt utterly shattered by it all but now feel we are coming out of the other side and are happy and very willing to try to help and support others.The SIA have counselling available if you ring them. I am more than happy to chat with you if you feel that may help. We all need somebody that understands family and friends try hard and often say what they think we want to hear but nobody knows better than somebody living with it daily.

    If you would like to contact me you can do that through here or by ringing the SCI and they will provide that link.

    I hope this is of help.



    Hi Jane my name Steve Brookes I’m also tetraplegic with a C5 injury. I live in Hampshire and am also the Peer Support Officer for the South Coast for the SIA. If you or your husband ever feel like you want to chat I am more than willing to come to you or talk on the phone.

    You can email me directly at  [email protected] or call me on (07535) 590510.


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    Hello Jane, I don’t know if you’ll see this as it’s so long since you posted your message.  I also live in Hampshire, between Southampton and Winchester. My husband died nearly 2 years ago but we were married for more than 26 years, he had an SCI at C5/6 complete.  Like your husband he achieved a great deal and was as independent as he could be, but I do understand exactly how tiring life can be for both of you.  If you get this message and would like to chat, contact me at [email protected]


    It is strange there are not many local support groups around the UK as in my experience people affected by SCI are often very willing to share experiences and provide practical or moral support for others.

    There is an active SCI support group in Cornwall, which is sponsored by the Neurology Care Advice Service, Peninsular Community Health, and meets regularly near St Austell.

    If you are interested in becoming a member, or if  you are maybe interested in finding out how this group was established, contact Mary Eason tel: 01209 318106. The group also runs a group page on facebook, where information is shared. New members are very welcome.

    Does anyone know of similar groups around the UK?

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