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    I am looking at what Suppositories work best or are being used from members.  I am C5/6.




    This is something I’m trying to understand . I’m a fairly new T4 and only been out of hospital a few months, I’ve had lots of problems with bowel management and the choice of suppositories different services use seems very arbitrary.


    Even some of the DN’s didn’t seem to realise that they came in different doses.


    At the moment I have problems with very soft stools and leaking and I’m using 1mg glycerine supps as I felt the higher doses were too irritating and causing more problems, but I’m not sure now that they’re clearing properly.


    I found the solid supps better than fluid capsule types were better as the fluid tends to leak and caused me skin problems when it got away.


    So I’m not sure how much help that was but I’ll let you know if I get any further with it




    Hi, Incomplete C4 – Stopped using them as soon as I left hospital- My bowels seem too sensive ( sort of spits them straight out)

    But injured nearly 20 years now, so constantly adjusting my routine- using my past experience and trying to work with my body.

    A case of ( not literally) sucking and seeing.. give it time to find what works for you.

    And bowels are slow things to react too- so take your time with each experiment – good luck!



    i use the magic bullet.

    you can buy a smaller box to try it out

    they work faster.

    i put one in, wait for movement, then do some manual evacuation. then put a second one in, wait for movement and then more manual evac.

    been using these for 12 years



    I just use glycerine ones from the chemist and lactulose orally

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