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Started by Anonymous, 8th May 2017 at 5:27 pm

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    • I’m looking for some advice I’m due to have a supra pubic fitted in a few weeks and i was wondering how much i can expect to leek urether

    This varies from one person to another. In my case it was hoped it would be nil (helped by daily medication – Solifenacin in my case). This was not 100% successful and I have small leakages urethrally.  It is hoped that this may be controlled by trying alternative medication.

    Some people have no leakages.

    Your Consultant should be able to advise you regarding your particular circumstances, suggested treatment, and anticipated outcome.


    I have had very few leakages, none that could not be soaked up with a pad.  As far as I know, none of the medication I take is intended to prevent leakages.   This web site might prove useful:

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