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Started by spins, 2nd December 2015 at 1:16 am

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    Hi. Sorry this is a bit embarrassing, but wondered if anyone has had the same problem/ has any advice.

    I’m a f/t wheelchair user and I’ve had a suprapubic catheter in place for about 10 years and have always used a silicone catheter with a calf leg bag and straps but in recent months I’ve been finding that the catheter tube itself becomes trapped between my stomach and upper leg to the extent that it blocks off and I end up leaking, both urethrally and from around the catheter site. My SPC is sited quite low down and so taking the catheter across to my leg is pretty much horizontal across me. I’ve tried putting the bag in different places and using a flipflo to train my bladder to hold more before it needs to leak if the catheter tube is trapped but I still leak alot and end up soaking wet which isn’t very pleasant. i’m trying to lose weight off my stomach area (an upward battle) and it’s not an infection related leak, it does seem to be totally positional in relation to the catheter tube.

    Doe anyone else have/ has anyone else had this problem, it’s becoming really stressful and I would welcome any suggestions/ tips. it’s only recently started happening (well, recently is about a year….) thank you


    Weirdly, I have just logged on- loooking for why my catheter is leaking from it’s site..

    I have no idea..although similar situation: I too have silicon, and for 20 years nearly.. I am a walker and it is not getting trapped, just started oozing when I am sitting.

    I am worried it is going to need re-doing from scratch, yuck..I will call my nurses tomorrow, and see what they say.


    Well, after banging my head against several walls since Christmas time ( now March) I am booked in for Video urodynamics this week..

    Should understand what is happing soon.. Until then I am putting small incontenece pads sideways across the front, where my SP is.

    I hope you have had some help?


    After a year of leaking I had my SP site moved- old hole completely cut out and new cather positioned just above.

    Seems to work just fine, although it was sore for a few weeks!


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