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Started by Susan Bennett, 7th October 2016 at 12:08 pm

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    I am a lay member of a NICE commitee. We look at innovative medical technology  and can route or later issue guidance if we find the technology shows promise amongst other criteria. For technologies that are either used by the “patient” or are likely to be life changing in improving well being and / 0r quality of life NICE tries to find people who in the case of transanal irrigation  use the device, who would be willing to talk to the Committee. In this case at the initial briefing stage would probably be over the phone. We also talk to expert clinicians, and have briefing notes outlining manufacturers claimed benefits and evidence to support this.

    We are having difficulty in finding someone  Testimonies from service users/ patients really help the committee to decide whether to accept a new technology and in the past have had a huge impact.

    If anyone is currently using trans anal irrigation  to manage their bowels, and would be willing to talk to the Medical Technology Advisory Committee at NICE please can you contact me by email.  Sue Bennett.  [email protected]

    You  can make a real difference to our decissions on whether to adopt a technology.


    Hi I will email you in case you need any info. My dad is T10 paraplegic of 38 years. Having always used manual evac dad was finding that his time spent in the bathroom was getting longer and longer. He adopted the Qufora bowel irrigation last april and it has been fantastic. Cannot recommend it enough and if any member happens to be is south wales can recommend a fantastic bowel nurse specialist. Wish we had known about it years ago. Do not hesitate to email me .

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