Trying to regain sexual activity after spinal injury

Started by Anonymous, 23rd November 2017 at 2:19 pm

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    Since my spinal injury (C4/5) incomplete nearly 5 years ago, trying to resume some sort of normality to my life has been very important to me.  Regaining some sexual activity has made a very big difference.  I have not lost my interest in the female body but my erections have been impaired.   Physical manipulation is needed and even then, it is not as satisfying as previously.  I find it very difficult to achieve an orgasm.

    For me, erections are not only important for my physical well-being but also for hygiene.  My carers give me a strip wash every morning.  It is much easier to wash around the base of the glans of an erect penis.  I always keep my foreskin rolled back for this reason and also because  it has always helped me to get an erection and because I can still get a pleasurable feeling as my glans rubs against my incontinence pad.

    Being doubly incontinent, sometimes I also use an anal plug which also gives me a pleasurable feeling.  I have often wondered whether I am fortunate in that although I have little sensation below my chest, I still have some in my genitals and anus.

    I do hope these few thoughts will help you regain something of what you have lost and persuade others to share their experiences and tips.
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