In 2001, I was on a cross-country mountain bike course with my friends when I came off my bike at speed, flying over the handlebars and landing on the back of my neck, fracturing 4 vertebrae and slipping a disc at C4 level. Initially I was taken to York District General Infirmary, and was later transferred to Pinderfields Spinal Unit for more specialised care.

Both my family and I found my injury very tough at first, I was only 14 at the time so being a moody teenager didn’t help at a time when I needed to be grown up. I had to go through a lot of physical and mental changes and so many adaptations, but my fantastic friends and family kept me positive, despite the 70 mile round trip every single day, which they kept up for the eight months I was in hospital.

SIA helped me when I needed advice on many things, like Continuing Healthcare, especially when I first moved back home and needed to know how to adapt to various things.

After my accident I went on to finish school, college, then went to university and graduated with a degree in Sports Journalism. I live independently and am married to my beautiful wife who I met at university! I am proud of everything about my life, I absolutely love it.