Fish and Chip Supper

Fish and Chip Supper

Friday 4 June 2021

About this event

Join us and our supporters across the nation to celebrate National Fish and Chip Day. Our Fish and Chip Suppers have soared in popularity over the past decade – and we think it’s because they’re so simple. Just pop to your local chippy or cook up a homemade version if you’re feeling adventurous – and voila, you’re hosting your very own supper. Now it’s time to invite the friends and family round (sticking to the rule of six outside) and get them to chip in some cash for us.

Something fishy going on?

There are loads of ways to get your community, workplace or friends excited about the event. Let your colleagues know what you’re doing and get them to join in or do their own. As many of us are still working remotely and the rule of six applies, why not get your boss or social sec to host a virtual fish and chip supper.

Getting chippy with it

Or why not canvas your local chippy for support. . . it’s good for business and a great PR stunt for them. Perhaps they could create a special dish and donate the proceeds, or ask every customer for a donation. Watch this space for a template letter that you can send to encourage support from local businesses. It’s a good idea to let your local newspaper

Any time, any day

If you can’t make Friday 4 June, don’t worry. You can host your supper all year round – just let us know and register your interest by clicking the button below.