Menstruation to menopause: menopause

Menstruation to menopause: menopause

Wednesday 9 June 2021

About this event

This is the fourth In a series of free webinars developed by our Academy in partnership with our trusted partners Bolt Burdon Kemp,  Menstruation to menopause is designed to follow a SCI woman’s journey through issues that all too often aren’t discussed openly, such as pregnancy and ageing.

Rhiannon Daniel, an Associate in the Spinal Injury Team at BBK described the series

“Whatever your SCI, whether you are tetraplegic, paraplegic, complete, incomplete, Cauda Equina Syndrome this seminar series is for you. We want to provide an environment where women with an SCI can receive important information from specialists, hear from other women with an SCI who have experienced the same and where these issues can be talked about openly. We want to encourage frank and open discussions about SCI women’s health and practical considerations. Yes, some of these topics can be a bit embarrassing to talk about but our seminar series aims to break the silence.”

These webinars, will be facilitated by women with lived experience of SCI alongside clinical specialists – for example Debbie Green, our SCI nurse specialists for the south east, Carol Barraclough, SIA’s support network manager (South) and Michelle Donald, psychosexual therapist.

To register interest in the webinar contact BBK direct on [email protected]