Holidays and travel

You can still enjoy travelling

Having experienced a serious spinal injury, you may feel worried, concerned or even sceptical about the prospect of travelling.

Don’t let these feelings of doubt cloud the reality –  you can still very easily go on holiday as a wheelchair user.

As you can imagine, it’s more difficult to organise a spontaneous trip since there are more questions for you to ask, such as “Will my wheelchair fit in the lift?”, “How big is the bathroom?” and “Is there a chair in the shower?”

All you need is planning

With just a little more planning you can still explore the world and experience new cultures with ease. Thanks to modern technology you have access to all of the support and information you need to prepare for a holiday that’s tailored entirely to your needs. 

If you feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to organise your trip, there’s a wide range of support to help you prepare. 

Download our guide below to get an A-Z on how and what to prepare for when going on holiday. The guide uncovers all the important issues that you’ll need to address before your travels.

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