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‘Care Beyond Expectations’

We are a family-owned, care organisation, operating on a national level, that always strives to improve the well-being of our clients. Across our home care services, we are respectful and compassionate – treating everyone we work with as part of our extended family.

Our highly experienced nursing management team lead the way to deliver clinical oversight for all of our complex care services, they are further supported by other professionals within health and social care which include Occupational Therapist’s & Speech and Language Therapist’s. Please visit our website for further information – https://kasecare.co.uk

Professional, efficient and personable

Everything about KASE Care stands for quality, we want to make sure that our staff can offer the very best service in their work, no matter how small the task.

In order to do this, we look at every detail and make sure we perform it to the highest level. Our staff are consistently professional, friendly and efficient.

Our Promise

KASE Care always provides an outstanding level of care and service to each and every one of our clients. We do this by individually matching our carers to our clients, ensuring that we can make the biggest difference possible.

As a company we are committed to continually reinvesting back into improving care delivery for those we support, re investing into our staff, and overall sustainability. Our Domiciliary Plus service is a real ongoing commitment to this promise, supported by our drive to becoming a full B-CORP member. 

If you have any questions, or want to enquire about how we could support you with your care, please contact our Registered Manager, Edith Harrison (using the details in her profile below), email us, or call our head office team: Mon – Fri: 0800 799 9057 | Sat – Sun: 07593136554

Putting you first:

 Your needs are at the very heart of what we do, therefore at KASE CARE we offer person cantered and family cantered approach, involving you at all stages of assessment and planning so you have control over creating your care package, bespoke to your individual needs. Our clinical team will visit your home to complete an assessment with you and your family, at your convenience, to discuss your needs and what kind of care package best meets those needs and those of the people close to you.

With your care and support plan we aim to enable you to maintain your independence wherever possible. The care plan will be led by you and your family, who will advise on exactly where assistance is needed and where you want to, and are able to, retain independence. We believe you are the expert in understanding your condition and care needs we will let you take the lead in designing you package of care.

KASE Care ‘Domiciliary Plus’

At KASE Care, we’re proud to go above and beyond for our clients in every way we can. As part of our mission to deliver the very best levels of care, we’ve created a unique new programme: Domiciliary Plus.

We know providing outstanding care means taking a holistic approach to clients’ needs, which is why we’ve introduced Domiciliary Plus to expand our services into new areas that many care providers currently don’t consider.

Domiciliary Plus is made up of three separate initiatives designed to enhance our clients’ quality of life:

  • Live Socially
  • iCare
  • Rebuild your Skills

We believe that a great quality of life shouldn’t be optional: that’s why we offer Domiciliary Plus services to our clients at no extra cost. Find our more about the service by visiting our website here: https://kasecare.co.uk/kase-care-domiciliary-plus/

What we do:

At KASE Care, our service offers specialist care for patients who have suffered a spinal injury and are unable to complete normal day-to-day tasks without assistance.

Our team are experienced in providing support for varying levels of spinal injury, including tetraplegia, paraplegia and quadriplegia. With access to healthcare professionals who can offer the relevant treatments and physiotherapy, we can help the service user to get back to enjoying as fulfilling and independent a life as possible.

Clinical Needs 

We can support our clients with a variety of clinical needs including Bowel Care, Postural Hypertension, Autonomic Dysreflexia and PEG. Here at KASE Care, we work closely with the individuals affected and their families to develop a tailored care plan that is centred around ambitious but achievable goals.

This could include working with rehabilitation clinics, therapists and other healthcare professionals to increase the independence of the individual. Everything will be discussed with the service user and family before it has been agreed and set into motion.

Our spinal injury specialists can provide support on both a live-in and visiting basis and with a care plan in place, our team can support our clients in their independent living – helping with day-to-day errands such as personal care, shopping and food preparation.

Care plans can include, but are not limited to:

  • Ventilation management
  • Medication administration and pain management
  • Continence care
  • Physiotherapy Rehabilitation
  • Mobility Support

to find out more about how we support our spinal cord injured clients, visit our webpage here: https://kasecare.co.uk/spinal-cord-injury/

What our clients have to say:

Case Study:

Male Client (SU-A) – 74 years old, Life changing Spinal Cord injury at level C5-6.


Following an accident on holiday, our client suffered a spinal cord injury at level C5-6 leaving him with life changing injuries. Prior to this he was an active person, going on walking holidays with his wife and enjoying other activities.

SU-A spent 18 months in hospital both abroad and in the UK as he underwent rehabilitation and therapy.

KASE Care have provided his care since his discharge from hospital. Our carers have supported SU-A on a daily basis following his physio plan to maintain his strength and flexibility. His determination, together with the support of his carers has meant he has progressed from hoisted transfers to turn table transfers and he reports his mobility is much improved since his discharge.

KASE CARE will continue to work with SU-A to improve his physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Domiciliary Care Plus activity:

At KASE Care it is not only about meeting the physical needs of a service user, but also about the emotional and mental needs of our service users. So, because of that, Domiciliary Care Plus (Dom Care Plus) was created. 

Recognising the mental health impact that this injury had on SU-A and his wife we were able to support him through our domiciliary Plus service. 

SU-A’s activity:

After getting to know SU-A and his background, he has always led an active life, he was a Leader of a Boys Brigade, going camping, climbing, etc.

Because of his previous active lifestyle, we asked if he would be comfortable and happy doing something similar, he was very keen with the idea but wasn’t sure what we would offer him, due to his limitations.

KASE Care located a company called Lambourne End – Outdoor Activity center, not only did the offer similar activities that he used to do when leading the boys brigade, but they offered wheelchair accessible activities such as Abseiling, ziplining and archery.

When offered the opportunity for SU-A to do the above wheelchair accessible activities, and he grabbed at the chance to do the zipline and archery, both things he’d done previously.

KASE Care arranged and paid for his transport from Hertfordshire to Epping and back, as well as all the activities. Dom Care Plus is about taking a more holistic approach to delivering care for our clients which also involves the wider mental health impacts linked to their conditions.

The day:

SU-A and his wife arrived in a wheelchair accessible taxi to Lambourne End, excited about the day ahead of him. He was met by the practice manager from KASE Care and the managing directors, Kim and Sandeep Gakhal, we all then meet up with Andrew and Dave who were Geoff’s supporters for the day, talking to him about the activities, we made our way to archery, where he said, this will be the first time doing this in a wheelchair, although I’ve done archery many times so it will be interesting to see the difference.

It took him a couple of times to get use to the new positioning, but he soon got to grips with doing archery again and beat our practice manager hands down.

What was nice, was his wife came along and she also participated in the activity, and she beat everyone!

Asked how he enjoyed it, he said that he had a really good time and that he was worried beforehand, but there was nothing to be scared off.

The second activity of the day was Zipline, once the intricate manoeuvre of getting harnessed up was done, we had an opportunity to chat. SU-A was asked how he was feeling and was he enjoying his day. His response was priceless, he said, “I’m having a great time, it’s so good to get out of the house and do something normal”.

It was great to see SU-A zip down the wire, with thumbs up, when at the bottom, he was asked if he would like another go, to which he said “YES”. He was escorted to the top, once again he came zipping down the wire. It was great.

When back at the top he looked euphoric, when asked how was him day, he said “Fantastic” and that “He had a really great time and for the first time in a long time, really enjoyed himself” he really appreciated the opportunity, Dave and Andrew were great in supporting SU-A with his needs and said if he wanted to, he could come down on a regular basis and volunteer, the activity center was accessible for wheelchair users and that they had other wheelchair volunteers who came done once a month just to enjoy themselves and meet other people.

Just before leaving, SU-A said “I don’t get to say this a lot, but thank you, today has been really special, it’s a day I’m going to remember for a long time


Meet the team

Kimberley is committed to helping people live their lives to their full potential. When her grandfather received care during the final stages of his life, this inspired her to do more for those in need. Kimberley has also worked for a large organisation and knows how those out in the field can get left behind, she is committed to making people’s working lives as fulfilling and worthwhile as possible.

Kimberley has worked within various schools helping vulnerable children with their life choices and volunteers her time to a youth group, taking them away on holidays and planning events to give back to the local community. Kimberley prides herself in giving back and putting others’ needs and feelings at the forefront of her work.

Kimberley also has two young children; this gives her extensive knowledge of juggling a family and work.

As company director, Sandeep is committed to ensuring the delivery of an outstanding service. He has previously worked on helping vulnerable victims of domestic abuse. Sandeep led a team that developed a bespoke initiative that ensured better oversight and protection for domestic abuse victims and their children.

This work inspired him to enter the Social Care sector – as he wanted to use this knowledge and experience to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Sandeep is dedicated to improving the quality of life of everyone that works with KASE Care. With a focus on transparency, innovation and integrity – he and the team strive every day to provide the highest level of care.

Edith Harrison

Clinical Lead / Registered Manager

Head of Complex & Personal Care / Safeguarding Lead

As a dedicated professional, Edith brings a wealth of experience and expertise to KASE Care. After graduating in 2011, she worked in a variety of NHS hospital and community-based midwifery and nursing roles. These roles included responsibility for safeguarding, care planning, recruitment, mentoring and training and complaints resolution.

She then moved into the private sector as a Clinical Lead, providing domiciliary care services for clients with complex care needs. Her role focused on team leadership, management and coordination as well as continuous improvement ensuring the best standards of care for clients.

Edith’s extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with nursing and complex care needs, working with key stakeholders ensures that each client receives a professional, safe, coordinated and an exceptionally individualised person-centred service.

Head of in-house training, continuous professional development and clinical competency oversight and assessments. 


I have been qualified for 25 years working in NHS, Private and Education sectors.

I have extensive experience in nurse education including being a Practice educator, a University Senior Lecturer and Program Lead for Nurse apprenticeships.

My roles have included developing, delivering and assessing evidence-based training including assessment, module and curriculum development following NMC education standards, designing and implanting an education strategy, developing competencies and using these in practice.

I have experience of working collaboratively and in partnership with internal and external colleagues, with partner Trusts and other stakeholders, and support learners and manager/clinical placement facilitators/practice assessors/supervisors in practice.

I have worked as a registered nurse in a nursing home. I took responsibility for the well-being of residents requiring nursing care and ensuring all needs were met. This included carrying out assessments, developing, implementing and evaluating care of older adults often with complex nursing needs. I lead, motivated and mentored a team to provide a high standard of care.

My leadership experience was one of a Senior Nurse at an independent hospital. I ensured that Professional Learning and Development is given a high profile within all clinical settings so that staff could provide excellent, safe patient care.

Kirsty Bull

Deputy Manager / Compliance Lead

Care Management / Dom + / Equality Lead / Infection Prevention & Control Lead


Kirsty Bull started her career in care when she was 17 years old, her nan, who was cared for 9 years was her inspiration. Kirsty, herself has relied on health care professionals to support her with her disability – Cerebral Palsy, which she says exceled her desire to care for others.

Kirsty says “I started as a carer and progressed my knowledge and skills to be promoted to senior care within a residential setting and later a Registered Manager within a home care company. I completed by level 5 in Leadership and Management in March 2021. Within my management role, I was responsible for ensuring that not only that the care we delivered was outstanding but also ensuring that we meet the compliance requirements for the CQC. I respect and understand the importance of compliance throughout care and my drive is ensuring that the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed”.

Kirsty has worked with a wide range of health care professionals within her profession and thrives when seeing different skills and knowledge coming together to ensure that a client is at the heart of the service, and the focus is ensuring safe and effective care.

“I couldn’t see myself in any other career, that I have given many years, but it has given me so much more back”.

Business Relations / Quality and Data Assurance (Dom +) / H&S / Operations / Complaints & Internal Organisational Learning


Donna Naran has more than twenty years’ experience working within the healthcare industry in both the NHS and private sectors. No matter what role she has held, she has always been passionate about the delivery of excellent customer service and healthcare, through empowering patients, staff, and compliance.

In the private sector she has worked in a variety of roles, including, clinical, finance, administration, and management, where she gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the healthcare industry. Donna later moved to the NHS as a Practice Manager in Primary Care, where she brought all her knowledge and skills, to deliver an innovative patient focused experience which involved exceptional care delivery.

Donna says “I was blessed to have had the opportunity to of cared for both my mother and father in their latter years and was inspired by the care and dedication given by the carers who supported me in their final days. Now I have the pleasure of joining the great team of managers and carers at KASE Care”.