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If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury because of an accident at work, a road accident or medical negligence, our personal injury solicitors can help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

We can help you with all your legal needs, such as claiming spinal cord injury compensation, moving home, making a Will and arranging specialist provision for your child at school.

Your compensation will help to pay for your care, treatment and rehabilitation needs for the rest of your life, so it’s really important to get the legal process started as soon as possible. 

Our experienced team of specialist serious injury solicitors can help to get you what you need to start rebuilding your life after a spinal cord injury.

To find out more about how we can help, or simply speak to someone to can help answer some of the many questions you will have, click on the following link, or speak to one of our team members using the details below. 


Why choose us

We’ll get to know you and your family so we can understand what’s important to you right now.

And as your needs change throughout the time we’re working with you, we can adapt to make sure you’re achieving your goals throughout your recovery. We know that each of our clients has different needs, wants and wishes, so we’ll do all we can to help you meet your priorities.

We’ll clearly explain the litigation process right at the start and give you a clear plan about what we’re going to do and why.

We know that each of our clients has different needs, wants and wishes, so we’ll do all we can to help you meet your priorities

To help meet your immediate and ongoing needs, we’ll push for an admission of responsibility from whoever caused your injury as soon as possible, but there are timelines laid down in the law that we have to stick to.

Once we have that admission, we can ask for interim payments throughout the lifetime of your claim, to make sure you can get the help and support you need. We have a great team of specialist spinal cord injury lawyers who can help you through the legal process.

Putting you first

Every client is different and no two spinal cord injuries are the same. We understand that, so your solicitor will build a relationship with you from the beginning to make sure you feel comfortable with them. 

We also believe it’s really important that you understand the legal claims process. So we’ll speak to you in straightforward language, and be open and transparent with you every step of the way.

Rebuilding your life post-injury

Our experienced team of specialists can support you and your loved ones at every stage of the legal process. Whether you were injured in an accident at work, in a road traffic accident or through medical negligence, we can help you rebuild your life following your accident.

Our services

We can help you access the care, support and rehabilitation you need and refer you to specialist solicitors who can help with other legal issues that may arise following your spinal injury. 

We can:

Our Clients’ stories: 

Cyclist secured £1.8m to aid recovery:

We helped a cyclist with a spinal Cord injury get £1.8 million to help her recovery. She was hit by a car while on her bike and was left partially paralysed. We helped her access intensive rehabilitation and secured interim payment of compensation so she could get specialist treatment she urgently needed.

Her settlement has allowed her and her husband to move into a single-storey property, with specialist aids and equipment along with continuing rehabilitation. Read more about how we helped here.

Delayed cauda equina diagnosis:

Our client with ongoing spinal problems was told by her GP that she could be developing cauda equina but she wasn’t seen by the hospital for an MRI scan for two months. This delay meant she had mobility, bladder and bowel issues. We helped her access specialist aids, equipment, services and treatment and new ground-floor accommodation because she had problems getting up stairs. Read more about how we helped.

Paralysed motorcyclist buys trike with compensation:

Our client was paralysed from the waist down after an accident with a car. He was partially responsible for the accident, but still got £1.5 million compensation, which allowed him to adapt his home and also buy himself a trike so he could continue to ride nationally and internationally with his biker group. Read more about how we helped.

Meet the team

Matthew Clayton

Partner, Serious Injury Solicitor

Matthew is a partner and serious injury solicitor and works mainly with clients who have suffered life-changing injuries. He has a wealth of experience in this area of law, securing settlements in excess of £1 million and acting in many ground-breaking cases.

Caroline Fox

Partner, Serious Injury Solicitor

Caroline is a partner and serious injury solicitor in our personal injury department, and in 2020 alone she secured damages for her clients in the region of £7.5 million. In every case, she takes her time to get to know her clients and their families, so she can consider their specific needs and wishes.

Geoffrey Simpson-Scott

Head of Medical Negligence

Geoffrey is a partner and head of our medical negligence department, with many years’ experience of acting in complex and high-value medical negligence claims. He has specialist expertise in catastrophic injuries, in particular spinal injuries and cauda equina syndrome, and is a member of the Law Society and Action Against Medical Accidents.

Rose Gibson

Partner, Serious Injury Solicitor

Rose is a partner and serious injury solicitor who specialises in complex serious injury claims. She is a keen biker and has a particular expertise in motorcycle accident claims. Rose also prides herself on being easy to contact and gives her mobile telephone number to all her clients.