Life and work – vocational support

SIA provides Vocational Support to give you the guidance and encouragement you need when considering a return to work, education, volunteering or sport after an injury.  Immediately after a spinal cord injury (SCI), you may feel that returning to work or resuming a career isn’t possible or is too difficult to contemplate. At SIA, we believe that with the right support and guidance you can rebuild your confidence and discover the right vocational path to follow after your injury.

Whatever direction you take after a SCI, your future vocation can have a hugely positive impact on every aspect of your life, from your physical and mental health to your earning potential, social interactions and confidence.

Our Vocational Support includes:

  • Vocational Support at your local SCI Centres, available to both in and out-patients
  • Learning from others through our vocational videos and speaking with our Peer Support Officers
  • Publications
  • One to one support provided in person, by telephone or through email

If you would like vocational support yourself, know someone who would benefit from this type of support or have any questions, please contact our Advice Line via email or call on 0800 980 0501 for more information.

Our Vocational Support service is kindly sponsored by:

Leigh Day

More information about work and vocational issues is available in our book Work Matters.

Access our videos to hear how other people have rebuilt their lives after spinal cord injury.

The eight films are all a few minutes long and show individuals with a spinal cord injury talking about their experiences of returning to education or employment, including self-employment, post-injury.

We also have information to help you when you are planning a holiday.  Just visit our holiday page for more information or read about other people’s experiences in this country and abroad in our ‘Share your experience’ section.