SCI Nurse Specialists

“I cannot recommend the service highly enough and the difference it really makes to individuals affected by and living with SCI.”  Paula 

Who we are

Our SCI Nurse Specialist Service combines over 50 years of specialist clinical expertise in spinal cord injury nursing to offer information, advice and guidance on all aspects of care.

What we do

For newly spinal cord injured people

Whether a newly injured person is receiving treatment in a district general hospital or rehabilitation setting, our SCI Nurse Specialists will work alongside the treating care team to raise awareness of the issues relating to spinal cord injury and provide guidance on appropriate care.

To request the support of a SCI Nurse Specialist in relation to the care of a newly injured person please fill in our referral form or call 0800 980 0501.


If you are an SIA member, have an existing spinal cord injury and are concerned about admission to a District General Hospital we can help. Our SCI Nurse Specialist Service is available to offer support with care planning, liaising with relevant healthcare professionals that will be involved in your care so as to help increase confidence that your spinal cord injured needs will be met during your admission.

To request the support of a SCI Nurse Specialist for a planned or emergency readmission please fill in our referral form or call 0800 980 0501.

If you are unwell and require immediate advice do not hesitate to contact your local healthcare services or Spinal Cord Injury Centre. If you have attended a Spinal Cord Injury Centre in the past, they should always be your first contact in the event of any queries or problems.

Please note our SCI Nurse Specialist Service is a ‘member-only’ service. Membership of SIA is FREE and all new spinal cord injured members receive a free six-month subscription to our FORWARD magazine on joining!  This bi-monthly publication provides the SCI community with information on topics including health, daily living, employment, relationships, sport, travel, families and friends, and much more.  To join SIA today, please go to our Membership page.

SIA also produce a care plan to help ensure your SCI-related needs are taken care of in a non-specialist hospital. This includes a form that can be filled in prior to admission which provides treating healthcare professionals with information about your injury and your specific needs. In addition, there is also information for healthcare professionals giving details of publications etc on spinal cord injury. Download the personal care plan here.

Contact Us

To get support from our SCI Nurse Specialists,  just fill in and submit this form  or find out more by ringing our Support Line on 0800 980 0501.