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‘I cried with relief when I finally found SIA. They knew exactly how challenging SCI could be, and had answers to problems that for years I had been struggling with.

SIA believes that the best support for spinal cord injured people comes from their peers.  For this reason, the majority of our services are delivered by spinal cord injured people who share their lived experiences for the benefit of newly injured people.

Our services begin when you are newly injured and will support you as your rebuild your life.   Whether you’re being treated in a Spinal Cord Injuries Centre, general hospital or other non-SCI specialist environment, we will be there for you.  Our Peer Support Officers provide one-to-one support, practical help and advice, encouragement and a listening ear.   They will also support your family members and friends, allowing them to talk through the impact of a spinal cord injury with someone who understands and who can signpost them to sources of help and information.

Our support doesn’t stop once you leave hospital. Our Peer Support Officers will support you in your home or local environment, to help ensure your transition back into the community is as smooth as possible. And we’ll be there for any bumps in the road after that, so whether you’ve been injured for two or twenty years, SIA’s Peer Support service is there for life after spinal cord injury.

For more information about the Peer Support service in your area, just click on your region in the list on the left-hand side of the page. If you have any general questions about the service, or are unsure of which Peer Support Officer to contact, just call us on 01908 604191,  or complete this form.

Vocational Support

When you feel ready to look at the future in terms of work and employment, we can help you.  Our Vocational Support Service, holds Vocational Support Clinics at many of the Spinal Cord Injuries Centres.  These clinics provide an opportunity to discuss your future education, employment or volunteering opportunities with dedicated specialists as well as SCI Centre staff and a member of our Peer Support team. 

For more details, visit our Vocational Support section.


Peer Support Officers

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