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Everybody has their own story to share about how they have made a new beginning and rebuilt their life after spinal cord injury.  Below are links to  just a few of our members stories.  We would like to thank all those people who have already shared their experience and encourage other SIA members and supporters to share their story online or through our magazine, Forward.

I sustained my SCI on 26 September 2016. I was taking part in a Brands Hatch motorcycle track day when I had a highside crash, which resulted in a T5 complete injury…. Read more

I had been travelling in Chile for 2 weeks and was staying in a little town, a tourist gateway to The Atacama Desert … Read more

I became T1-4 incomplete in 2005 when I fell from a ladder, whilst pruning some trees in my back garden… Read more

I sustained my spinal cord injury (SCI) early in life, when a rare childhood cancer, caused a tumor to swell, applying pressure to my spinal cord, and causing irreversible damage…  Read more

In the early hours of 27 December 2012 I had just finished a gig at the Bus Sports Social Club, Cardiff..  Read more

In 2001, I was on a cross-country mountain bike course with my friends when I came off my bike at speed.. Read more

In October 2014 my life changed forever when I fell out of bed with pains in my back, and couldn’t get back up.. Read more

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