Jane Kirkbride

What event did you take part in?

Selling original design greetings cards that I create on my computer

Was your fundraising event something new or a hobby?

A hobby. Due to the level of my injury (C6) I found it difficult to fulfil my creative needs.  I was able to produce original and customised artwork that brings pleasure to both myself and my family recipients.

Why did you decide to fundraise for SIA?

I have found information from website and training seminars very useful. I received a lot of support directly from SIA which helped with my application for Continuing Healthcare (CHC) funding and wanted to give something back.

I also wanted to publish my artwork more widely, but did not want to do so for personal gain as it is important to me to keep it as a meaningful hobby.

How easy was it from deciding to fundraise to receiving relevant information/materials to support your fundraising?

Information and materials were made readily available following my email enquiry. In fact, I only really required permission to use the logo.

Have you used any of SIA’s services?

Personal advice and support in completing my CHC funding application, by email, phone and home visits.  In the past I also attended Funding and Managing your Care Master Class.

To date, Jane has raised over £20 through designing, printing and selling her individual card designs.  Jane continues to design and is looking forward to continuing her creative work.

Thank you Jane, for using your creativity to fundraise for Spinal Injuries Association.  If you would like to share your fundraising story with us then give us a call on 01908 208541 or email the team: [email protected]