Zoe Talbot

I was ten when I had my accident and I’m now 14 and it has been so hard and I have had so many different challenges thrown at me .

It happened when I was at my friends house across the road. I was sitting on there doorstep whilst chatting to my mates when one of them lent on the concrete canopy above. I heard a crack and I got up to run but it smacked my leg which broke it and tripped me up and then landed on my back. It knocked me out for a while but I came around after about 2 minutes which meant I was awake on and off for the whole accident. my friends managed to lift it off of me and my mum and dad ran out and dad took me to the garden and laid me flat. He instantly knew I had broke my leg but hadn’t realise my back was broken.

The paramedics came once my mum phoned them and I was taken to Ipswich hospital. I remember arriving and then there being about 25 doctors around me ! scary stuff believe me!! I can’t really remember much after that but I’m glad I didn’t because my mum and dad were so upset and in shock!

The next day I got flown over to Oxford. I can’t remember what the hospital is called though. The Day after I arrived they operated on my back and leg. I don’t want to go into to much detail of that! After a week being in Oxford I was driven back down to Ipswich hospital so I was closer to home. I spent five weeks recovering in Ipswich. I got little movement back but was slowly regaining my feeling. I then got transferred to Stanmore, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. After Settling I was back into the physio routine everyday. I don’t want to go into it too much because I get flashbacks. After 5 months there I came home. I had had my birthday in hospital so when I got home all my family were there to greet me :D.

Three years on and I am walking with callipers and crutches and have most feeling back in my legs :D. The worst thing at the moment is I get panic attacks and I am non-stop worrying and it really stresses me out and I have to have counselling. when I found this website I was hoping I could get in touch with someone like me to see if they understand how I feel because before I was too scared to face I was in a wheelchair, but it would really help if I had someone who knew what I have been through and knows what I’m going through.