Your Care

As a user-led charity we understand how spinal cord injury affects you on a day to day basis and that once you leave hospital, you may need ongoing support to live independently at home or within a residential care setting.

Choosing your care provider is a vitally important task and we’d advise you to consider a few options before making a decision. Our Trusted Care Partners offer a range of care packages which can help you achieve a fulfilled life. Based on our experience of their work, we’re happy to recommend them as options you might wish to consider:


 Total Community Care (TCC) is truly client centred and provides bespoke care teams for people living with spinal injuries and neurological conditions.



We are also here to help you and your family understand the different types of funding options available to you and to assist you as you apply for the funding most relevant to your care needs. We can help if your funding is under review or you wish to challenge a decision made about funding your care needs.

Find out more about NHS Continuing Healthcare and Social Care, how we can help you and how your support will ensure these services continue in the future.

If you need support in maintaining healthcare needs relating to the treatment or control of your spinal cord injury, our Continuing Healthcare Advice Service can help. We can provide information and advice on all aspects of NHS Continuing Healthcare, and can assist you as you prepare for an assessment or review of your NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding.

After discharge from hospital, you may need ongoing support to live your everyday life independently. Find out how our Social Care Advice Service can help you understand Social Care, to find solutions to problems you might be experiencing with gaining the right care support and in challenging wrong decisions.