Social Care Advice Service

Social Care funding can help you access the services you need to achieve everyday tasks and goals, such as: looking after yourself and your home; and being involved in wider community life. Your local council can either arrange local services for you, or pay the funding to you (Direct Payments) for you to organise and pay for your own care. Unlike NHS Continuing Healthcare, Social Care is means tested which, depending on your level of income and savings, means you may be asked to pay some or all of the costs of your care.

Anyone who can prove they have a need for Social Care Services is eligible for the funding, including unpaid carers. An assessment for the funding is made by your local Social Services team. Remember that not all Social Workers will have previous knowledge of spinal cord injury, so preparing for this assessment and providing detailed answers is essential.

We can provide information and advice to help you understand Social Care funding and what your entitlements are. We can also assist SIA members with preparation for Social Care assessments, employing your own staff and challenging any funding decisions that you are not happy with.

Simon Legg

Simon Legg

Further advice and information is available from SIA’s Social Care Advice Service. Email Simon Legg our Social Care Caseworker, or phone him on 07535 774135.  You can also reach Simon via the SIA Freephone Advice Line 0800 980 0501. Simon normally works Tuesday to Thursday.

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