Choosing a Solicitor App

Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) Solicitors App.

This app is based on our Solicitors Directory which is available from SIA in our
online shop. All the firms included in the Directory and app have met a list of
criteria set by SIA and have agreed to abide by the SIA Code of Conduct, which is
backed by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. This code of conduct is
included in the Directory and can also be accessed from our website.

How to use this App

When you first access the app, (depending on the settings on your phone), you will
either be asked if you will allow the app to access your location details or you will
automatically be presented with a list of solicitors close to your current location.
If you wish to search for a location different from the one which you are currently
in then tap on the filter function on the top right of the screen.  This will take you to
a screen which also allows you to type in a location for a search.

You will also be able to filter your search in the following ways:

  • Set the distance from your current or chosen location i.e how far would you
    be prepared to travel to a solicitor.
  • Select the type of experience you would like your solicitor to have eg Road
    Traffic Accident

Once you have finished on this page just tap APPLY

A list of firms will appear in order of distance from your current location or the
location you entered. To find out more about a firm just tap on their entry and then
tap on SERVICES, FACILITIES and EXPERIENCE to see what each individual
firm can offer.

Once you have selected the firms you wish to approach, you can contact them via
their details on the app.

You can also use MAP VIEW to take you to Google maps and show you where you
are in relation to the firm you have chosen.

We hope you will find the app helpful in your search for a solicitor, please let us
know if you have any problems with accessing the app and the information that you

Email: [email protected] Tele: 01908 604191

SIA House, 2 Trueman Place, Milton Keynes MK6 2HH

Charity Registration Number: 1054097