Ageing Well with SCI

Every one of us will experience the effects of ageing and being prepared for those changes can help to ensure the process is easier to manage.

Ageing can start earlier in people living with a spinal cord injury (SCI) and the length of time since your injury is a major contributing factor as to how you age. However by being realistic and preparing well, you can better manage the changes as they occur.

SIA provides services to support you throughout your life and we have developed resources specifically to help you to live well at whatever stage of life you are at.

Our Advice Line Officer (0800 980 0501) has a wealth of knowledge to enable her to assist you in taking steps to prepare for your later years and to live well as you age with injury. Contact her for help and guidance or just to chat things through.

We have a range of fact sheets available to help you as you grow older with a spinal cord injury.  Visit our Resources sections now.

Post in the Ageing Forum on our Message Board  and chat with other SCI people.