Upper limb exercises for the shoulder

Musculoskeletal pain of the shoulder is a common complaint among manual wheelchair users. Below are two videos to show you some simple exercises that you can do to help prevent occurrence of shoulder problems and to also minimise possible pain in the shoulder that may stop you completing the activities of daily living.

We advise that you consult your GP or treating medical team before commencing these exercises. If you have had surgery or any other specific problems, these will be taken into consideration within your prescribed exercise regime.


It is recommended that safety glasses are worn when exercising with a Theraband. Your therapist may provide you with one or you can purchase one online or from most sports shops. Therabands come in different colours, indicating different degrees of resistance.


This video contains stretches for the biceps, pectoralis, the trunk and full trunk and shoulder stretch. Both stretching and strengthening exercises should be incorporated into any existing exercise programme.


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