We understand that work, education and leisure activities are important to you as you rebuild your life after spinal cord injury.

We have developed a range of services and information resources to help you make a new beginning and discover how you want to go forward and live your life with a spinal cord injury.  In this section you can watch and listen as spinal cord injured people and their family members talk about their journeys and you can access other resources and services we provide to help you in your daily life.

Join us as we campaign for positive change in healthcare and policy, so that the needs of spinal cord injured people are recognised and addressed by society.

Once you leave hospital, you may need ongoing support to live independently at home or within a residential care setting.  We are here to help you and your family understand the funding options available to you, and to assist as you apply for funding most relevant to your care needs.

Our bi-monthly magazine contains information to support you at whatever stage you are at with your injury.