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Started by Anonymous, 4th March 2015 at 11:08 am

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    My husband was recently injured and is now tetraplegic. He is trying to go out as much as possible but leg spasms are difficult to control and they throw his feet forward off the foot plate and his legs stick straight out in front. Can anyone recommend a supplier or brand of some kind of strap that he would be able to use, preferably one that he could undo and/or re-fasten himself – he has no finger mobility but can grapple with Velcro straps for example. We have been using duct tape and a long Velcro chest strap so far but we would like something shorter and more practical.



    Hi, I can understand how difficult your husbands spasms are to control but it may be worthwhile speaking to your husbands spinal consultant regarding medication, that would help to reduce spasms.



    Hi Lulu

    Did you manage to find any foot straps?  I am looking for something similar to hold feet into place and would be keen to see if you have found anything suitable?

    Kind regards


    hi lulu

    i have found after much practice that if i keep moving my upper body i can cut the spasms down almost completely and can create spasms in my left hand to pick things up. {c4 tetra 25 years}


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