Front, mid or rear wheel drive motorised chairs?

Started by Julie.wilcockson, 15th July 2017 at 7:35 pm

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    Hello,  Does anyone know if a mid wheel drive wheelchair creates more vibration to the spine than the other options? My father is now paraplegic with 4 fractures caused by Oesteporosis.  The degree of instability that the condition brings makes the prevention of additional and higher impingement our priority.  We also live in a valley so the ability of a chair to manage hills has to be taken into account.    Any advice on choosing a chair would be very welcome, and the wheel drive in particular.   Thank you, Julie


    I have been using a quickie  wheelchair that has midwheel drive for some time now, it has suspension so is quite comfortable.  However, I have found it more difficult to go up and down curbs and slopes than it was in my old rear wheel drive chair.  It’s a very fast going up and down hills even over a rough ground, be warned, it needs very careful control at top speed. Is very stable since it has six wheels for improved stability.  Solid wheels will make any chair more uncomfortable so regular pneumatic tyres might be better for your father. Your father should try before you buy, any good company will let you do this.  Make sure you try in all conditions and , importantly , don’t rush into getting one.  You might consider having lights fitted if you live in a place with no street lights as I do.


    Thank you Michael that is useful to know, I looked at a Jive by the same company and liked it. Dad has reviewed the up to date information about mid wheel chairs having 6 wheels and suspension and will now give them a try. The NHS OT is thinking of an Invacare TVX which dad can try at home and outside. I wonder if the NHS wheelchair services have a limited choice however? Do companies mind bringing a couple to try, even if you don’t buy?  Speed won’t be an issue, dad is 82 with poor eyesight so I think he will stick to restricted speeds.


    I think the NHS wheelchair services does offer a limited choice due to price constraints. Companies will bring a couple to try if you genuinly intend to buy one, but i’m not sure otherwise.  “Speed won’t be an issue”! 82 and short sighted? all the more reason to go flat out!.


    Ha, ha, that made me smile, reminded me of my grandmother behind a shopping trolley.  Thank you for your advice, we are more focused now. He will live the freedom.


    i bought a jive mid wheel drive wheelchair 12 months ago and found it to be very bad {have reverted back to my old rear drive Puma} it would not go over small curbs {anything over 15 mm was a no no} and very wobbly would not recommend at all


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