Refurbishing E-motion M12 batteries

Started by Anonymous, 7th December 2016 at 7:34 pm

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    Does anyone know how to recondition e-motion m12 batteries I spoke to someone on here before who had told my how but lost my messages when the site got updated, I still have 2 set of decent wheels but 2 batteries are nearly £1200 nowadays !! Any info would be appreciated.


    Think it was me. I used to solder them, but a bought a spot welder. Makes for an easy job now. The last 2 lots of batteries 5000mAh I bought only lasted 1 year. Not very good. So I’ve gone back to Tenergy 4200mAh. I’ll see how they go. ( Sorry the image it only if you buy batteries with tabs on already. Ignore top pic. I can help more if needed.)

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    Thanks again for your reply Martin I will give that a go see how I get on & give you a shout if im struggling.



    hey Ribtickler

    I am just getting round to having a go at refurbishing these batteries in your post you said you used Tenergy 4200mAh, what model or battery size would I be looking for ?



    They a Sub-C  NiMH. The larger the mAh, the longer they last, but not all makes are equal. The last 2 makes I got only lasted a year.


    Hi all,

    I’ve dug out my m12 batteries and surprise, surprise they are totally dead. Serves me right for leaving them in the garage for five years. I’ve seen the schematic for replacing the cells but I can’t see any way of opening the case. Would anybody be able to let me know how to do it short of a hammer and bolster?




    If it’s the M12 NiMH batteries? 1st remove the fuse. Take the sticker off the front of the battery. Mine all cracked and split, but under the sticker are 4 screws. Undo. Tap lid off, be careful there is a wire connecting lid to curcite board.


    Thanks for the speedy reply RibTickler.

    I guessed it would be screws under the sticker but didn’t want to rip it off without being sure first. If/when I do these I’ll post back here. Are there any more tips you can give or a link to instructions? I pretty good at diy and soldering so this shouldn’t be too difficult (I hope).


    Ideally you would need a used/dead set of batteries. A good soldering iron. ( I use 450c). A spot welder (I use 788H/+) . 20 x sub-c batteries for each E-motion battery. You can solder tabs instead of spot weld, but it is a real pain.





    1a. Remove fuse.


    1b. Remove battery sticker.


    2. Remove 4 screws on lid.


    3. Remove lid carefully, there is a circuit board attached. Unplug this.


    4. Unplug other circuit board connections.


    5. Remove circuit board.


    6. Unsolder fuse wires.


    7. take picture so you know how it goes back together.


    8. take batteries out.


    9. Unsolder other wires.


    10. Spot weld other batteries 2 at a time, put sealant between them.


    11. Put back in case with welded side down.


    12. Solder wires to needed batteries.


    13. Then when all 20 are in. You can spot weld the top tabs on.


    14 . Replace foam, board, lid etc.


    Picture was when I bought tabbed batteries. and soldered them all. I now buy tab-less and spot weld my own tabs on.



    That is fantastic. Thanks RibTickler. Just got to find the time to do it now.

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