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Started by Anonymous, 24th January 2017 at 12:33 pm

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    I’ve been using Roho cushions for ages but recently saw a StarLock and thought it looked interesting – very high profile and ability to deflate individual pockets. Anyone tried one? If so – what do you think?


    Hi alan

    I have a starlock cushion , had it since Dec 16. I’ve had problems with pressure sore for quite a time , having been using a Jay balance for some time.The starlock seems to be very good, with the ability to ‘lock down’ the cells in the area where my problem is, thus enabling me to be up and active, when the sore is maybe not 100% good

    certainly recommend the starlock


    Thanks for that Marcus. CanĀ  I ask what thickness you are using? 3, 4 or 5 inches. I’m currently testing a 4″ but wondering if 5″ might be better.


    But, like you say, it seems good. Certainly more c0mfortable than my Roho.






    Hi Alan

    I’m not the ligers guy but use a 4″ cushion, and I think it’s ok for me.

    I’m unfortunately having to deal with a sore caused by the previous J cushion, so it’s slow going with limited hrs up for me still, but I’m hoping once healed that the starlock will prevent any more sores.

    I’ve had enough of skin problems now!




    I’m about 70k, so I think 4″ might do me too.


    You’re right – staring at the ceiling is no way to live. Good luck to you.



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