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Started by RedJohn, 19th June 2014 at 3:21 pm

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    Hi there,


    Are there any tetras out there (there must be!!) Who are using tablets with voice activation??

    When I’m in my chair I am able to use Dragon voice recognition on my main PC, but when I am in bed I would like to use a laptop or tablet, so any advice or first-hand knowledge would be very much appreciated!! Recently I found myself in bed for 7 days with a small pressure problem and I felt so out of touch, because for any banking or general information I was having to use my PA’s iPad.

    Having looked closely at the iPad, it would appear a voice activation can only do so much, even with the Dragon app…….. and speaking to a guy in the Apple shop, he said the new operating system coming out in September would probably include 100% voice activation.

    As I am looking to include this in my personal health budget, it would be great if somebody could put some information my way .

    Thank you.


    PS  apologies if there is some with phrasing or random words included……….. my Dragon does seem to invent completely new words or phrases regardless of what I say. 🙂 :-). I




    Hi, was interested to see your post as I’m tetra who uses Dragon on PC (good to hear its not just me who gets random moments!). I often think about investing in a tablet or laptop that I could use in bed. Have looked and asked around but there is so much choice/different opinions etc so would also appreciate advice!

    Do you use a mobile phone with voice activation as I’ve still got a Flintstone non-smart Nokia which I also could upgrade but can’t decide that either!

    Also, always slightly worries me it would be tricky should I want to alert help for others with me (i.e. if they were injured/ill) so would be curious to hear any ideas.

    Sorry I haven’t helped but thought I’d post anyway. Fingers crossed


     Does anyone else have problems using Hotmail with Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional 12? I used to to be able to but now if Dragon is running it causes program to end …


    Hopefully they’ve moved on from the version of Dragon I tested in Stoke Mandeville back in 98? That bloody thing would only do one word at a time, took three weeks to do the initial training, and would still make 100’s of mistakes! (I had nightmares about saying “scratch that” over and over again!)

    As a Mac user I’ve found Siri quite good for dictation, though I have enough movement in my left arm to use a tracker ball mouse, so I don’t know what it would be like for navigating around a desktop and different softwares.

    Don’t know if any of that helps? Sorry if it doesn’t.


    Hello,  I know you wrote in 2014 and this might seem like an ageing reply, but I am using the voice activation system on the iPad. It is very clever and you have to speak like a robot sometimes, but it does pick it up very accurately.  I would expect in four years that you have been using this system for awhile,

    I would expect in four years that you have been using this system for awhile,

    What are you using now?

    Kind regards,

    Kind regards,


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