WAV with ramp entrance to passenger seat from side of car not back

Started by Sylvia, 28th December 2015 at 4:28 pm

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    Some years ago there were 2 mechanics working for one of the bigger adapted car retailers – these guys adapted a KIA SEDONA with a ramp from the passenger side leading up to the passenger seat area. This looked really good as I never liked the WAVs with ramps from the back. These guys split from the company & set up their own specialising in adapting these side entry WAVs. But I’ve lost all their details, including their names. I can’t even remember where they were based. Please can anyone remember & let me know. My shoulders are giving out so using a sliding board is becoming a no-go, hence looking for something better but staying with cars not vans  Many thanks for any help, Sylvia



    hi, I know (to my cost) of these people, they were based in southport LANCS. The bloke went into liquidation after taking £26K off me and a further £100+K of others. they made a deal with me to pay in three installments, 1 at order, 2 when car went to garage for adaptation, 3 when complete,  They called in the second payment a week before christmas  and went bust a week after (a few years ago). I got nothing back and they got away with a lot of debt. I know the chaps who done the conversion went on to set up another company but this did not last. and the last thing I heard was the salesman of the first company was setting up his own company. If you want my advice, ” make sure you get a water tight contract and  check every step in the development of your car” I am unable to put any names up here but if you wish you could contact me through this site. or call me on 01748832766


    Thanks Dave. At least I know I wasn’t dreaming! What a shame it all went belly-up as the idea was great. Sorry you had a very rough time with them. I think I’ll wait for this years Mobility Show in Manchester & see what’s available. Otherwise I’ll just stick to my ‘banana’ board & keep putting more pressure on my “ancient” shoulders. By the way, I couldn’t get anywhere using the Link you gave, so hope you get this instead


    Hi, Glad to of service to you as there is a lot of folk out there that think been disabled means you are fair game to rob. What I would do if I were you is try a few different cars out  (do you drive?) and pick the one that suits you the best. there is always good cars on sites like this and we got our’s of here for £14k some 5 years ago, well worth it has been. We are about to change our  car, We have a grand voyager, side entrance, drive from wheelchair or passenger! very good car to have but very expensive to buy, they cost about £90k with the full conversion. We got this because my good lady wanted to learn to drive!!!! well all I can say you would have been safer walking on the motorway’s, she gave up trying to run people over and lets me drive now so the level of adaptations is wasted for me to drive so it has got to go. Good luck on your search, dave.  01748832766


    Hi Dave, What do you mean “sites like this”? Can you name the site on here? If not my home email is [email protected]. I had a quick look and found a site called “pre loved” (dreadful name) The URL is http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/list/3443/adapted-cars.html?keyword=wheelchair%20accessible%20cars.  3 or 4 cars down is a Kia Sedona with a side ramped entrance on private sale for £20,000 – it’s 5 years old. Any comments? I don’t want to spend that much & can hang on for a while but I’m curious to know what your reaction would be to this if you were looking. Cheers, Sylvia




    Hi Sylvia, is this (attached) the adaptation you mean?  It’s the Kia Sedona WAV Evolution.  I saw one at a Motability roadshow (in 2014?) and thought it was a clever idea, but unfortunately the platform is only large enough for a manual wheelchair and not suitable for power wheelchairs.  There is one for sale online today, but the price is eye-watering and if the manufacturer has gone belly up on Dave and others there will be no ongoing service or support to call upon.  Good luck with your search for a suitable car – it is a bit of a minefield.  I bought a Chrysler Grand Voyager side entry WAV 4 years ago from a private seller on ebay, which sounds risky now I think about it, but it worked out well.  I may be wrong but I suspect WAV dealers overprice their vehicles in a way a genuine WAV user would not in a private sale.


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