Research Participants Required

Research Participants Required

Researchers from the Imperial College London Department of Bioengineering and Computing (Dr Aldo Faisal and Dr Ali Shafti) have developed a human-robot interface for robotic reach and grasp support, which relies on the user’s eye gaze.  This robotic support could help patients with paralysis in the right arm to reach and grip with their own arm. It is non-invasive equipment, which users can learn to use in a matter of minutes.

The researchers are looking for volunteers with both reaching and grasping paralysis, above the age of 18, to take part in a study for the technical evaluation of this equipment.  You should not have rigidity within the muscles/joints in the arm, or anything which would lead to discomfort or pain if your arm is moved for you. The study is entitled, ‘Technical evaluation of a human-robot gaze-based interface for assisted reaching and grasping’.

You will be asked to visit the South Kensington Campus (SW7 2AZ).  The session will then involve:

  • Putting on eye-glasses to track your gaze.
  • Wearing a soft robotic glove for grasping assistance, and a magnetic arm attachment on your wrist, which will couple your arm with the robotic arm in the lab.
  • After an initial calibration period which will last up to 15 minutes, you will be asked to control the robotic system with your gaze, initially in free mode, to get to know the system and get used to its behaviour.
  • Then you will be given specific pre-defined tasks for systematic evaluation of the setup.

Participation will involve one session lasting approximately 3 hours. You will be paid £10 per hour for your participation in the study. For each session you attend you will also be entitled to a travel expense contribution of £10.

See the system in action

To obtain more information about this study, or to volunteer, please contact Ali Shafti by email at [email protected]