We want to hear ‘What Matters?’ to you!

SIA want to start an ongoing conversation with the SCI community, so that we can fully represent and meet their changing needs.

To kick this process off, we are conducting a survey to find out ‘What Matters?’ most to anyone with a personal or professional interest in SCI.

We are very aware that the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has been hugely significant for everyone, and particularly for people with disabilities. The worst health crisis for a century has shone a harsh spotlight on so much, and not least the function of Government and society to prioritise people who have too often remained unseen.

As we continue to feel the effects of the pandemic, SIA has committed to make sure this significant moment is not lost and that the spinal cord injured (SCI) people we serve:

  • have a voice,
  • have a chance to demand services,
  • have access to what matters most for them.

By asking ‘What Matters?’, we want to understand the depth and scale of the issues that matter the most. We then want to explore these issues and identify potential solutions through the online Focus Groups we intend to facilitate – to develop the conversation with the SCI community and collectively find positive solutions.

And then, once we’ve heard your concerns and aspirations, we’ll make sure that the voice of SCI people is heard at the very highest levels to deliver real and lasting change for every injured person.


Complete the survey today or alternatively, you can send a video or audio clip telling us about ‘What Matters?’ to you by emailing: [email protected]

This is a vital strategic piece of work for SIA, and the ‘What Matters?’ survey is a critical element in developing an ongoing conversation with the SCI community.  Please take a few minutes to explain ‘What Matters?’ to you and why.

Thank you so much for your support, and we look forward to hearing your views.